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       Out of the fierce gusts of snow carried from one side of the vast, gelid valley to the other, strutted a washed out figure who’s armaments appeared to dance with the wind almost as profoundly as the stray linen that glide behind his head, knotted around it to shield the world from his eyes, or what place they had once occupied. He appeared to embrace the cold, almost as profoundly as the cold had embraced him. His choice in his black, biting armour had contrasted his pale and smooth, but noticeably built, body. The cuirass had left all of his arms but the hands and upper wrists exposed to the chilling air in which the snow seemed to tightly grasp on to, but he had just shrugged it off, as he so seemed to be capable of. He paused for a short moment and cocked his head, which on top was fashioned with short dark hair which appeared as though it cut through the oncoming snowfall, a slight amount, then quickly shot it upwards as if to listen closer to what was beyond the deep howling of the eerie winter winds. The way his face had kept the same position, facing just to his left of what sun at it’s height was still visible through the clouds of the blizzard, it was obvious he was able to make out a noise of sorts that did not fit in. He suddenly shifted his body and began pushing through the deep snow in the direction he was once facing.

       The snow, and the bleached clouds that came with it, were beginning to clear, exposing the descending sun. He had been walking for a long time, across an even longer range of frozen and desolate land, but he had continued with the same posture and determination as he had started with. Though shortly after, he slowed down until he had come to a complete stop, and waited. What was being waited for was unknown, but there the bleak man stood, motionless. Even the wind appeared to come to a halt to cease any swaying of his cloth wardrobe. The surrounding land was less of a valley now, but more of an open area overlooked by a colossal mountain, with a single peak high and sharp enough to pierce the heavens, to the north. Protruding rocks of both the mountain and the landscape surrounding it were encased in a thick sheet of ice that captured the colours of the setting sun, and gleamed, which lit up even the darkest of the areas blanketed with snow in a range of colours from harvest gold to a dark orchid. But as quickly as the change came, it went when the sun hid beneath the horizon, returning the land to it’s dreary atmosphere: and the man was gifted with the burden of darkness. But there were grounds to believe it did not bother him. What seemed like all of seconds after the sun had escaped the land, a petrifying wailing was heard from different spots all over the region, which echoed all around making the amount of unknown creatures sound at least tripled what it was already made out to be. Shortly after was a relieving silence, quickly shattered by the sound of an enraged stampeding hastily on its way to the lone soul.
       Into view they came, one after another, the creatures. They were disfigured humanoid figures with naturally hunched backs that ran on all their elongated fours that were completed with razor sharp nails, with completely exposed bodies that were almost as pale as the snow they ran on. Their skin was decorated with scars of all types over their bodies, and their bloodshot red eyes let off a sinister radiance that lit up the rest of their faces. Their long and sharp teeth were exposed, and saliva dripped from them as they were running, which froze as soon as it hit the snow leaving little crystals that sparkled from the remaining light in the sky in an evil beauty. They were verago. The man’s response to all that occurred was a simple reach out with his left hand to grab his sword, and a tight clench of his right hand. As he pulled the pointed blade out of its sheath, it reflected the night’s alluring blue illumination and lit up the snow near him for a short time. His right hand, while it was still clenched, shook for a fraction of a second, then he opened it. What had come out of the once closed hand had been a small wisp of what seemed to be energy and cold. It danced around the man’s arm leaving a slim trail of condensed magic which glowed almost as brightly as the pale blue anomaly itself. Once the wisp had calmed down and stayed adrift just to the side of his empty hand, the first of the lackeys had begun to surround him and started circling around where he stood.
       One of the verago that was smaller than the others, yet quicker and more scarred, he had advanced first among the group. After the man heard its steps coming closer than the others, he raised his hand that the wisp had clung to and simply pointed at the beast. Shortly after, the wisp began to drift towards it until it reached it’s destination in front of the creatures’ face. The monster was curious of it, and focused in on the anomaly rather than the mysterious man. It took a couple small steps closer to the wisp and observed it closely, occasionally sniffing. While the other creatures stared in intrigue at the little orb as well, the man slowly turned his pointing hand into a fist once again during the anticipating silence. The verago sniffed again, and in the blink of an eye, the wisp manifested itself into a long razor shard of ice that stuck itself through the head of the monster with absolute ease. For seconds everything was calm, mostly out of the confusion of what had just happened among the other verago, who were still staring. The man had lowered his arm again, and the shard of ice returned to it’s previous form and rushed back to the man’s side. Then the body of the newly deceased creature had finally hit the snow, and its red blood began to stain the surrounding purity of white whilst sending a steady stream of steam into the air, and suddenly all chaos had broke loose.
       While most of the verago stayed in the back and whailed even louder than before, either to inspire their fighting members or out of rage at the death of one of their own, a few had leaped at the man with tremendous strength and speed. The jaw of one beast who was coming from behind was wide open aiming straight for the neck of the man, but as it approached, the man turned around in a flash and stuck his iron sword straight through the mouth of the oncoming attacker, which exited through the other side of it’s head as the dead, gaping face slid towards the hilt bloodying the once pristine blade. His attention was quickly grabbed again from his opposite side, where another verago was about to sink it’s teeth into his other arm. His blade stuck in the deceased monster’s head, he opened his right hand and made a quick intricate motion with his index finger which commanded the wisp to spin around the neck of the beast, where the trail of energy it left behind condensed to a more solid form and began to strangle the helpless being. It kicked, whined and attempted to pry itself out of the choke hold, but to no avail. The man then then lifted his arm and swung it to the right, to which the wisp responded by lifting the dying creature off the ground, breaking it’s neck, followed by throwing it into another verago, which was also about to leap at the man, with unbearable force. A thunderous sound of a crack seemed to have broken a bone or two of the impacted creature, which soon after became visible as it tried limping away but couldn’t bring itself to move due to a bone from it’s leg pierced through it’s flesh. After quickly calling the wisp back to his side, he yanked his sword out of the first dead monster’s head and waved it around him a couple of times to keep at bay any of the other verago that still wanted to attempt an attack on him. They were intelligent and sentient beings, even though they acted like starving, rabid canines. The man shook his head to keep alert. Then, the remaining monsters howled in harmony. It was more soothing than their wailing, but it also seemed more dark. One after another, out of view they went, retreating from the suffered loss, their heavy bodies leaving profoundly visible footprints in the soft snow. It was precisely what he wanted.
Biting Deep - Chapter 1: Encounters
So I finally have came back to post a little something I've been working on lately which is currently known as 'Biting Deep' (name may change in the future, we'll see). Given is chapter 1 of a story that I am not sure how long will go on for, but I am definitely happy with how far I've come and where this seems to be going :). Inspirations have been drawn from so many different books/shows/games and movies that I don't even know where to start (so have fun picking out familiar things from whatever you happen to know! lol) but it's all still in a very dark and mysterious fantasy universe generated in my head that is still quite small but I wish to expand greatly over time. They story may end up having multiple character views from around the world, or may end up following either one or a small group of interesting characters, that is also to be determined. Maybe the latter will merge into the second option eventually! So all in all this is a newborn baby in the writing world that I hope to nurture and nurture well, and especially hope whoever actually reads it enjoys it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

PS. Now that I think about it I might add a bit more to this chapter, so keep an eye out!


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Journal Entry: Mon Jun 25, 2012, 2:47 PM

    Mood; Tired but happy for dA and it`s success!
    Listening to; Two Steps From Hell - Love and Loss
    Reading; Guild Wars: Edge of Destiny
    Watching; Spongebob Squarepants
    Playing; Minecraft! =D
    Eating; Breakfast Burrito o3o
    Drinking; Coke Zero


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This is my story - Black Xades - GW2 by Xades
by Xades

It`s a very nice scenic screenshot! But just a few things I`d tell you to do next time :)! Maybe make the words on the top a bit more no...

I do this to make your art better for everyone :) ! ( Please don`t be offended if I end up being mean in some un-intended way! D: ) Good luck ( with art of course! ) everyone :D !

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